That is the Charles street.

This plant doesn't need a lot of light.


We'll never forget Gail.

I no longer need someone.

We live in an apartment.

OK, I'll bite.

Who told you you could come?


I know from his speech that he is not an American.


I heard the sound of a ringing bell.

You should've told Page sooner.

Martha lost his wedding ring.

He had the gift of prophecy.

We are working for you.

I'm Brenda's case manager.

As far as I know, there are no good books on the theory.

Everyone looked happy.

Puritans were very important.

Laurel ripped up the floorboards with a crowbar.

Belinda asked Eli if she was hungry.

Rebecca was the only girl wearing a skirt.

What have you done to her?

Don't you read the tabloids?

The man robbed her of her handbag.

I struck up an acquaintance with him.

My box is twice as heavy as yours.

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Liza and Marco have no financial problems.

I was late, right?

Is it meant to snow tonight?

Brendan and No often work together on Friday.

Why should I worry about them?

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Isidore and I are partners.

There is one thing I look back on with regret.

The game excited lots of people.

He always has such witty things to say!

The sniper is driving a white van.


Marian made a slight motion with her head.

Now that he has graduated, he must become more serious.

I could kiss you.


Irving's grandfather knew my grandfather.

Gregg was probably Tricia's closest friend.

His most important adviser was Henry Kissinger.

With those words, he walked out.

I bought some Romanian books for the students.

If you want to know, why don't you ask him?

Sicily's summers are hot.

Arthur wondered when Nate had bought the milk that was in the refrigerator.

I thought Ragnar was guilty.


She kept her eyes off.

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I felt I could trust Hurf.


Novo smashed Adam's head against the wall until she was dead.

You're not a very good liar, Turkeer.

It wasn't my wife on the phone.

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Mosur closed the door behind himself.

Where did you bring them up?

Do you want to live in Germany?

I'm not cranky.

Julie got into the house through a window.

You expect us to work on the house, too? what next!

You were very happy.

It is important for them to do their best.

I'll see you in class.

Unfortunately, I hardly speak any French.

They respect him.

You're as guilty as him.

Kinch and Terri never listen to me.

There are ten exercises in the book.

We'll find a place of our own.

She refuses to abandon her career for marriage.

I'll get a second job.

Ilya and I are in the same class.

Admission to students only.

I got a lot of mosquito bites.

This is my father.

My enemy's enemy is my friend.

He can't be an honest man.

After the lightning, came the thunder.

He has not less than ten dictionaries.


I'm sorry, I love you.

You are in the right place.

Are you actually threatening me?

Nara is as old as Kyoto.

Nature made sure that living happily doesn't require much effort: everyone can make himself happy.

He always thinks ten steps ahead.

But whoever lives by the truth come into the right.

He will hide it.

On the one hand, I very much want to help you, but on the other, I already have previous commitments.


Martha wants his mother's approval.

Lenora doesn't have a criminal record.

When he come back, I'll say to him.

Can you tell me what this symbol means?

I lost my flashlight.

I have known him for ten years.

Vince doesn't seem to be afraid.

I do not want to waste the best years of my life for you.

I was the one who had to tell Takao.

I hope you received the flowers I sent yesterday.

Don't ever underestimate Andrew.


It being very cold, we stayed at home.


Venus is referred to as the Evening Star because it is the brightest planet that can be viewed from Earth. Its thick cloud cover is an excellent reflector of the Sun's light.

"If you'll excuse me..." he said. I think it's a shame.

We used to go out every night.

He's sexy and intelligent.

I don't believe we have enough time.

It's not like I've got any special interest in gym shorts - I've not got that fetish, I think.

The Secretary of State administers foreign affairs.

Does she have a lover?

"Is that true?" "Yes, who told you about it?"


One of the dogs is alive.

I'm very displeased with your whole attitude.

The odds were seemingly insurmountable but he overcame them to win the presidency.

They expect me to bring her home.

This letter was full of mistakes because it had been written too hastily.

I know it well enough.

Beckie must've paid a fortune for it.

Isn't everything beautiful?

You said I could talk to Kanthan.


They say it's very good.

What's inside?

Jim called me a coward.


As was expected, he won the prize.

I'm against any kind of abuse.

Margaret dressed up for the party.

Sylvan is connecting his phone to the Internet.

A word once uttered can never be recalled.


Would you like to go to Germany with me?

I'm happy that I was born.

Tim settled down after he got married.

I cannot rinse the dishes. There is no water.

You're not helping very much.

Tufts University is a very famous school in Boston.

The father was angry with his son for doing such a silly thing.

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Byron wrote something in his notebook.

Let us leave.

I can't budge it.

Raphael denied that report.

I'd say that about covers it.


I don't know where Ric is.

We be of one blood, thou and I.

The job is up for grabs, now.

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If you are at ease, you are feeling confident and comfortable.

The coffin was empty.

The poet attempted to commit suicide in his study.


He has only read 10 pages so far, I've already read 60.

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I'm only going to tell you this once.

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This is not correct.

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Scorpions have eight legs.

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Do you have difficulties getting your weight down?

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Shean likes Dani's long black hair.


My rota is very full this week.

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It is all very well to be frugal; but he goes too far.

You were right before.

Winston didn't have to go to Boston last week.

Where can I take you?

He doesn't like cops.

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The lecturer couldn't get his message across to the audience.

I saw a man holding a rabbit in his arms yesterday.

We bought Bucky an expensive umbrella.

Joyce is afraid that someone might kill him in his sleep.

Walter has been here ever since.


I fell asleep on his shoulder.

Eddy likes singing.

They couldn't do anything but stand there and stare.


Women are not permitted to drive cars in Saudi Arabia.

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Seeing that he is still sick, he is unlikely to come today.

Maybe he likes you, too.

They all ordered hamburgers and something to drink.